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Nessibus Citizens: Octopushy (real estate agent) and Vincent McChops (tycoon)

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

We are at our second to last set of Nessibus citizens — two more animal advisers.  Tomorrow is the grand finale, as we will reveal the stars of the show Tyler and Giselle!


Octopushy knows the property for sell, what it’s worth and what to watch out for. In Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine, she helps Tyler find the right land to build his factory on.  She’s a cheery lady who loves her cell phone.


Nessibus Citizen: Octopushy

Vincent McChops

Vincent McChops is a descendant of one of the founders of Nessibus, Thomas McChops. After making a fortune as a businessman, he now spends his time investing in his community — supporting entrepreneurs, sponsoring the Nessibus Film Festival and making sure the story of the Golden Key is never forgotten.

Vincent McChops

Nessibus Citizen: Vincent McChops

Tomorrow: Tyler and Giselle!

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