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Book #3 is Now Available! (Wyatt’s Laughing Lark)

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Wyatt's Laughing Lark (Book 3 of the Future Business Leaders' Series™)

Wyatt's Laughing Lark

Book #3 of the kids’ adventure Future Business Leaders’ Series™ is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

>> Wyatt’s Laughing Lark on Amazon <<


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More Nessibus Citizens: Sacha and Sharpina

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

So, hopefully you saw Nessibus citizens J.J., Clint, Wyatt and Gene that I posted over the last two days. If so, then you must be asking by now, “Where are the girls?

Here they are!  And these are two very sassy girls — Sacha & Sharpina!


Sacha appears for the first time in Book 2 “Tyler Passes the Golden Key” as Giselle’s fashion-forward friend. Look for her to get the entrepreneur bug in Book 3 making something very special for Wyatt’s comedy clubs.


Nessibus Citizen: Sacha

Sharpina the Fox

Tyler had better watch out! Some tough competition has come to town and she’s not backing down. Meet Sharpina the Fox, who like Sacha, also makes her debut in Book 2 of the Future Business Leaders’ Series.

Sharpina the Fox

Sharpina the Fox

Stay tuned for two number-crunching citizens tomorrow.


Korean edition of Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine now available!

August 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Book Cover for Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine in Korean

Book Cover for Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine in Korean

Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine is now available in Korean via Book21 Publishing!  To order it, click on the cover (and scroll down to see inside illustrations).