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Introducing the Official Look of the Nessibus Cast

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment


To start the new year off, we have designed the official look of many of the Nessibus cast of characters in the Future Business Leaders’ Series. We’ll introduce them over the next week. This is how they will look in the next editions, including the 3rd book of the series which should be ready very soon.

Below are the first two characters. Both are animal advisers.  In Nessibus, the kids lean on their animal advisers when they need a hand. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to two of the kids of Nessibus.

J.J. Junglehammock

J.J. is the kids’ lawyer. He advises them in legal matters and gets paid in bananas.

JJ Junglehammock

JJ Junglehammock

Clint Movishmocker

Clint is the town movie producer/director. He doesn’t talk much, but he’s very good at his craft. In Book 2, Tyler Passes the Golden Key, Clint helps Giselle make a commercial for Tyler.

Clint Movishmocker

Clint Movishmocker

Stay tuned for more Nessibus characters making their debut tomorrow!