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Nessibus Citizens: Jake and Bo

January 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Introducing two more Nessibus citizens…


The Nessibus orphanage is unlike any other. Its corridors are filled with amazing aromas, and its residents’ bellies are always full. Why? Because Tyler’s culinary friend Jake has taken over the orphanage kitchen. His staples include pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs, and he always makes them with flair.  Everybody loves a good meal and this has made him one of the most popular kids in the orphanage. He’s quite good. He’s planning to open a restaurant one day, that is, if he can stop eating his profits.


Nessibus Citizen: Jake


Bo comes from a land across the sea called Spiceeboodati. He speaks many languages and knows the ins and outs of the port.  When a Nessibusian needs to ship goods overseas, he’s their guy. When they need to find a unique invention in another land, he’s their guy.


Nessibus Citizen: Bo

Just a few more citizens left to share. In the end, we’ll reveal Tyler!

Nessibus Citizens: Numbers and Christopher

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Introducing two more Nessibus citizens…


The kids call on Numbers when they need to adjust revenues, expenses and profits. He shines a light on their numbers so they can make good business decisions.




Christopher shadowed Numbers to get comfortable crunching numbers and now he’s trying a hand at banking. He dreams of opening his own bank one day.


Nessibus Citizen: Christopher

More citizen introductions coming tomorrow.

More Nessibus Citizens: Sacha and Sharpina

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

So, hopefully you saw Nessibus citizens J.J., Clint, Wyatt and Gene that I posted over the last two days. If so, then you must be asking by now, “Where are the girls?

Here they are!  And these are two very sassy girls — Sacha & Sharpina!


Sacha appears for the first time in Book 2 “Tyler Passes the Golden Key” as Giselle’s fashion-forward friend. Look for her to get the entrepreneur bug in Book 3 making something very special for Wyatt’s comedy clubs.


Nessibus Citizen: Sacha

Sharpina the Fox

Tyler had better watch out! Some tough competition has come to town and she’s not backing down. Meet Sharpina the Fox, who like Sacha, also makes her debut in Book 2 of the Future Business Leaders’ Series.

Sharpina the Fox

Sharpina the Fox

Stay tuned for two number-crunching citizens tomorrow.


More Nessibus Citizens: Wyatt and Gene

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday, we introduced two of the advisers (J.J. and Clint) in the town of Nessibus. Today, you get a peek at two of the kids of Nessibus: Wyatt and Gene

Wyatt Zacracker

Wyatt first appears in The Medina chapter of “Tyler and His Solve-a-matic Machine.” He’s distracting Tyler from finishing his mission by telling jokes. Wyatt is an all around funny guy. His passion for laughter leads him to open his own comedy clubs in Book 3 of the series.  Stay tuned for Wyatt’s entrepreneur adventure to be published in a few months.

Wyatt Zacracker

Wyatt Zacracker


Everybody needs a computer guy, and Gene is the coolest nerd in town. He’s super smart. He can fix hardware, set-up your network, program software and fight vicious viruses. No kid in Nessibus would start a business without him.


Nessibus Citizen: Gene

Introducing the Official Look of the Nessibus Cast

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment


To start the new year off, we have designed the official look of many of the Nessibus cast of characters in the Future Business Leaders’ Series. We’ll introduce them over the next week. This is how they will look in the next editions, including the 3rd book of the series which should be ready very soon.

Below are the first two characters. Both are animal advisers.  In Nessibus, the kids lean on their animal advisers when they need a hand. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to two of the kids of Nessibus.

J.J. Junglehammock

J.J. is the kids’ lawyer. He advises them in legal matters and gets paid in bananas.

JJ Junglehammock

JJ Junglehammock

Clint Movishmocker

Clint is the town movie producer/director. He doesn’t talk much, but he’s very good at his craft. In Book 2, Tyler Passes the Golden Key, Clint helps Giselle make a commercial for Tyler.

Clint Movishmocker

Clint Movishmocker

Stay tuned for more Nessibus characters making their debut tomorrow!


10 Inspirational Kid Entrepreneurs (Heroes)

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Entrepreneurs are our heroes.  They take risks to produce something of value which leads them to financial independence and jobs for others.  That’s why I love finding or hearing a story about a new entrepreneur, for it is the story of a hero in the making.

Mary has compiled the stories of 10 such heroes — kids actually — who have been successful at starting their own businesses at a young age.  The message here is that if a kid can do it, then perhaps more adults can try a hand at entrepreneurship, too.  These kids are really creative and truly inspirational.  Check them out >>

11-Year-Old Talented Artist From Georgia Succeeds in Start-up Business

November 14, 2010 1 comment



If you’ve ever doubted pre-teen kids can learn about business, then let me introduce you to an amazing kid from Georgia:  Rachel.   Rachel is not just a very talented artist, but she’s also a natural entrepreneur.   In just a short period of time, she has built an art business that generates enough revenue to pay for her supplies (i.e canvases, paints, materials, etc.) and fund a reserve bank account.   Would you believe me if I told you that Rachel is just 11 years old?

How did Rachel build a successful business so quickly?  Part of it is having natural-born ambition, part is encouragement from her dad and the rest is good ol’ hard work.

A Business is Born

When an onset of accolades and contest awards for Rachel’s art started pouring in, her dad Chuck Allen did a few things to encourage the development of her interests. He first built her a studio in their basement.  Then he enrolled her in an art academy and sent her to Apple camp where she learned to use iWeb to create her own website.  From there on, Rachel had all she needed and took off, almost effortlessly, building her business as she envisioned it.

Getting the Word Out

Marketing concepts are critical to know for running any business and simple enough for pre-teen kids to comprehend (marketing is a key topic for Book 2 “Tyler Passes the Golden Key”).   Rachel has developed her own marketing strategy for getting the word out about her art and the showcase website she designed.  She:

  • Tells all her friends.
  • Carries business cards that she created using Vista Print and gives them to people she meets.
  • Creates art pieces specifically for her dad to showcase in his office.
  • Asks her dad to post her pieces on Facebook so his network sees them.
  • Enters her art in every contest she encounters.

Rachel is off to a great start and it’s no wonder she has already sold more than 30 pieces!

Balancing Time

Rachel is not all work and no play. She takes time out from her busy schedule of painting and attending art courses to still be a kid.  She plays soccer and loves to use her new debit card to purchase cool clothes.  Not only is she learning at a young age the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, but she’s also learning to balance her time.  This is the kind of education that you just don’t get at school in the 5th grade!

Future Growth (subject of Book 3 of the Future Business Leaders Series)

So what’s next for Rachel’s art company?  She plans to grow it by expanding her product line to include scarves and custom art sporting equipment, starting with soccer balls.  Kudos to Rachel for taking her business to the next level and to her dad for having the insight to let her flourish into the entrepreneur she has become.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Go take a look at her website while keeping in mind that she designed it herself and is only 11 years old.  Amazing!  >>

Rache's Website

Rachel's Website