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Nessibus Citizens (finale): Tyler Sogno and Giselle Cakes

We have reached the Grand Finale for the introduction of the Nessibus citizens of the Future Business Leaders’ Series: TYLER and GISELLE!   I hope you like the new character designs.  As always, your feedback is welcome.

Tyler Sogno

Tyler is the first kid of Nessibus to becomes an entrepreneur. What makes him special is that he was an orphan who hated homework, had a knack for building things and wanted to grow up to be like his dad.  His story is told in the first book  Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine.

Nessibus Citizen: Tyler Sogno

Nessibus Citizen: Tyler Sogno

Giselle Cakes

No entrepreneur can build a business all by himself.  Luckily for Tyler, he meets Giselle on his way to becoming an entrepreneur and she helps him out. Soon, she too has the itch and her journey to entrepreneurship (her own marketing/pr firm)  is told in the second book Tyler Passes the Golden Key. Together, she and Tyler help their buddies who want to become entrepreneurs, too, and as a result carry on the legacy of the Golden Key.

Nessibus Citizen: Giselle Cakes

Nessibus Citizen: Giselle Cakes

Did you miss any of the previous characters posted? Here’s the past postings:

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