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Nessibus Citizens: Jake and Bo

Introducing two more Nessibus citizens…


The Nessibus orphanage is unlike any other. Its corridors are filled with amazing aromas, and its residents’ bellies are always full. Why? Because Tyler’s culinary friend Jake has taken over the orphanage kitchen. His staples include pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs, and he always makes them with flair.  Everybody loves a good meal and this has made him one of the most popular kids in the orphanage. He’s quite good. He’s planning to open a restaurant one day, that is, if he can stop eating his profits.


Nessibus Citizen: Jake


Bo comes from a land across the sea called Spiceeboodati. He speaks many languages and knows the ins and outs of the port.  When a Nessibusian needs to ship goods overseas, he’s their guy. When they need to find a unique invention in another land, he’s their guy.


Nessibus Citizen: Bo

Just a few more citizens left to share. In the end, we’ll reveal Tyler!

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