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The Introduction for Tyler Passes the Golden Key

Tyler Passes the Golden Key

Tyler Passes the Golden Key

I’ve put together an Introduction for Book 2 for the Korean printing that’s coming up in a few weeks. Since I didn’t do this for the English version, I thought I’d throw it out here on the blog.   Maybe I should throw the introduction to Book 1 (Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine) up here on the blog, as well…

Here’s the Introduction for Book 2:

Tyler Passes the Golden Key, like the first book of the Future Business Leaders’ Series™, is written with the fundamental purpose of igniting a passion for business in young readers through the exciting and wild adventures of Tyler and the kids of Nessibus. The second book builds on the business lessons of the first in a variety of ways.

For the first time in the series, young readers encounter the concepts of sales, revenue and profit. It was important to me that the story maintained its essence of being an adventure story and didn’t get bogged down in boring details of accounting. So, Tyler Passes the Golden Key takes the kids of Nessibus on new adventures that feature challenges that can drive up sales, like:
• Creating a brand
• Marketing a product
• Listening & responding to customers

For each of these adventures, Numbers, the accountant polar bear, demonstrates how they affect Tyler’s sales in a positive way.

In addition to these revenue-booster lessons, the readers also experience the thrills and disappointments that come with the game of competition and how, if not addressed, competition can negatively affect one’s sales. Plus, the readers follow Tyler’s journey overseas where other people and cultures lead him to new ideas for product innovation.

Furthermore, I wanted to make a female role model for girls and demonstrate that women are just as capable of being great business leaders as men. To do this I chose the female character Giselle (Tyler’s friend) to be the leader and benefactor of this second set of adventures. The story begins with Giselle taking “center stage” as she returns to Tyler’s factory to find out why his sales are floundering.

In subsequent books of the Future Business Leaders’ Series™, the business lessons, the storyline and the characters will continue to evolve with more complex business concepts and new interlacing sub-plots. My intention is to help the readers identify with the kids of Nessibus on a deeper level and imagine how they could fit into the story as an entrepreneur. My hope is that each child who has followed along with the progression of the series will be able to take their new found passion for business and apply the lessons to their world using their own gifts and talents.

More Info about Tyler Passes the Golden Key >>

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