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The Making of an Entrepreneur – Nature vs. Nurture

I found an interesting article on the Nature vs. Nurture debate around what makes a successful entrepreneur. It is certainly a combination of both genetic make-up and conditioning that makes an entrepreneur. On one side…we must be born with the insatiable desire to learn new things and the endurance to keep pushing when things get tough. We must have the ability to receive and process loads of information coming to us from a multitude of sources and transform them into a vision for a marketable product or service. And finally,
we must possess the ability to communicate the vision to motivate others to join in our venture.

On the other side…we must learn about the structure of businesses, marketing and sales techniques, hiring techniques, financial aspects, etc.

In my experience, my family members were mostly entrepreneurs, however, I was raised to follow the path of an employee. But over the years as an employee, I’ve ended up returning to my roots. Was it nature or nuture that brought me full-circle? Who knows for sure? But my hunch is it is a combination of both.

My book focuses on the nurturing side of entrepreneurs. Why wait until we are adults to learn the fundamentals of starting a business? Isn’t the age of lemonade stands and grass-cutting ventures the time to start the conversation? That’s why my book targets kids ages 9-12. My Book

To read more about the article that inspired my blog entry today: Nature Vs Nurture: How do entrepreneurship theories help to explain the motivation and actions of Entrepreneurs? Dublin City Enterprise Board,

I also like how this article discusses the harnessing of entrepreneurial spirits within a large growing organization — “intrapreneurship”, they call it.

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